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Now that’s an everyday question at MJ’s and it’s a great story. Jim Gattis spent 17 years playing and managing professional baseball and Karen Gattis had a successful sales career. While Jim was in Miami managing baseball in the summer of 1989, Karen, pregnant with their 3rd child, moved the family to Mission Viejo and suggested that Jim get a “real” job that would keep him closer to home. Jim agreed.

They were considering a new business to open when Jim’s Seattle-based brother suggested a latte cart. Of course their first question was “what’s a latte?” After all, that was three years before the coffee explosion expanded out of Seattle. After exhaustive research and months of beating the pavement convincing landlords that “lattes” were the wave of the future, MJ’s Espresso opened its first location on January 29, 1990. After experimenting with several location types over the years, from Universities to shopping malls, MJ’s decided to concentrate on what has become our niche - corporate office towers.

Over the next several years MJ’s Espresso opened locations in the most prominent of Orange County’s high rise office towers with great success. Realizing that there was a void in the availability of good food at these locations, it seemed like a natural progression to open a café. It was imperative to Jim and Karen that we serve high quality, delicious food made from the freshest ingredients; the service had to be impeccable; the atmosphere fun and inviting; and the meal turnaround time had to be very quick. Satisfied that they could achieve this concept, MJ’s Café opened its’ first location in September 1995. MJ’s Café has mastered the art of understanding their daily customers by having a “we’ll do it your way attitude” and cheerfully accommodating any special request.

Quality and customer service are central to MJ’s philosophy and thanks to our loyal and dedicated staff, we are able to maintain those high standards. We pride ourselves on hiring only personable, talented individuals and welcome them into our family. You can visit any MJ’s Café locations and will feel that you are among friends. We know what you like to eat, we know what you drink, and we know your name!!!

Oh, by the way, Maggie Jean Gattis, you all know as MJ, was born on January 25, 1990, four days before MJ’s opened their first location. Now you know the rest of the story…